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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Ray Of Hope

Today I woke up at 5:20am to wake Debo up to go to one of those Day Labor places.  Then I proceeded to fall asleep and wake up again every hour after that.  7am I woke the boys up to get ready for school.  7:45am I woke up to say goodbye to Shane because he had to leave to walk to school.  8:30 I woke up because Crystal texted me wanting to know what time they should be here to pick up Scott for school.  At that point I got up to make a pot of coffee.  Talked to Daniel on the phone (he was at work already).  Crystal came in the apartment to let me know Linda was here to pick up Scott.  Said goodbye to Scott.  Crystal was coming over to help me clean the apartment and to spend time with Debo.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and jumped on the computer to check my emails and such.  I was sooooooo tired.  Finally, I gave in and told Crystal and Debo that I was going to sleep till noon and then we'd start on the cleaning.  Texted D to let him know I was napping and laid down.  Well of course 20 minutes later my phone rings.  It was Shane's school nurse informing me that Shane got hit by a ball in his chest but was doing fine and that she was sending him back to class.  OK, thank you very much and goodbye.  Back to sleep I go.  "Ping!" My texting goes off.  Someone texting me some nonsense.  Ping!  again.  Ping! again.  Ugh.  I fall back to sleep, peacefully.  Sleep for 30 minutes more when BOOM BOOM BOOM! Loud thumping rap music wakes me up.  I'm like, WTF??  So I get up and go in the livingroom and Debo is watching some gangster movie that he knows by heart and he'd apparently turned up the volume super loud at the end song because he loves it so much.  So I glare at Debo and I'm like, "Gee thanks...not like I was trying to sleep or anything!!"  "My bad!" he replies.  "Forget it." I say.  Then I start making something to eat and I sit on the futon and chat with Crystal.  After lunch, I start cleaning.  I got the kitchen floor cleaned and the entryway.  Debo vacuumed the carpet and cleaned the litter box.  Crystal moved the bags of laundry (clean) into my room.  Everything looked nice!!  Around 3:10 Shane came home from school, I was in the shower.  Around 4:30 Scott came home.  While I was outside talking to his grandma, Linda about his birthday tomorrow, the lady from PAR comes over.  She was coming over to give me an intake interview for a program I am putting Shane in called The Alpha Program.  She proceeded to ask me all sorts of questions about me, Daniel, the kids, and our situation.  Then she ran over the details of the program.  Basically, Shane will be put in a classroom with like 6 other kids.  He will get more one on one help in his trouble areas.  He will get counseling and will learn how to deal with certain peer-pressure issues and emotional triggers.  Things like smoking, drinking, death, drugs, abuse, and divorce.  He will get to go once a month on an all-day field trip.  At the end of the year they get a CD with pictures of the field trips and activities they do.  Once a month I am required to attend a parenting class with the other parents of kids in the program.  It's all geared to keeping kids with problems in school.  As apparently Pinellas County, FL has the highest drop out rate in the nation!!!  OMG That's bad.  Anyway, I'm really excited about the program.
So, tomorrow is Scott's birthday.  He will be 12 years old.  Hard to believe, really.  Before I know it, he'll be an adult (cry!!).  We are going to bake him a cake, Crystal and I, while he's in school.  I can't get him a gift right now but I will as soon as Daniel gets paid.  Being poor sucks but my kids are used to it.  LOL Sad, but true.
Off to dreamland my friends.  Farewell and goodnight.

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