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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 6 - Crazy Challenge

Well yesterday was my anniversary with Daniel.  We celebrated our 2nd year together.  We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant - El Kora.  The owner there is such a great guy.  He always makes us feel welcome and thanks us for choosing his restaurant.  It's a great feeling.  When we went last night we informed him it was our anniversary and he was really happy we chose his place to celebrate.  We had an amazing dinner (as always) and then while we were waiting for the check, the owner came out with a dessert plate for us.  It was flan and then he had written "Happy Anniversary" in whipped cream on the plate and added a chocolate sauce heart.  It was so sweet of him!  After dinner we went home for a bit, to wait for a bit before we left for the movie.  We went to the theater an hour early, which was a good thing because the movie we wanted to see was packed!!!!  OMG every seat was filled.  Luckily, everyone was really quiet for the movie.  I was worried since most of the people there were teenagers and I have had really bad experiences with teens and movie theaters.  We saw "The Devil Inside".  It was a pretty good movie.  It was done by the same guy who did "Paranormal Activity" and you could totally tell it was.  The beginning was pretty slow, building up back story and tension.  Then the action starts and it's like BAM! BAM! BAM! - one crazy/creepy thing after another.  It made me really anxious and I was totally on the edge of my seat.  And yes, I jumped a few times and grabbed Daniel's hand a few times.  I have to say, I was rather disappointed in the ending but I won't ruin that for any of you who want to see it.  After the movie, we came home and it took me a while to calm down before I could go to bed.  My stomach was in knots for hours.  LOL
So, needless to say I didn't get much done in my stitching.  Here is what my 6th project is:

It's called "Welcome Friends" by Sunset.  I think it's going to look really pretty when I'm done.  Here is the little bit of progress I made:

Not much, that's for sure.  This pattern has a lot of color blends, which I love to do.  I can't wait to work more on this one!
Well, I'm off and running!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Monday I start school, so I'm pretty nervous about that.  Ack!
Bree )O(


  1. Congrats on the anniversary, Bree. I'm happy for you. And yummy, free desert!! Don't forget, every finish started with just one stitch. Just cause you didn't get much done the first day, doesn't mean much. And I hope school went really well for you!!

  2. Glad you had a good anniversary. Sounds like a really nice restaurant.

    A start is a start no matter how many stitches you put in