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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 6 - Crazy Challenge

Well yesterday was my anniversary with Daniel.  We celebrated our 2nd year together.  We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant - El Kora.  The owner there is such a great guy.  He always makes us feel welcome and thanks us for choosing his restaurant.  It's a great feeling.  When we went last night we informed him it was our anniversary and he was really happy we chose his place to celebrate.  We had an amazing dinner (as always) and then while we were waiting for the check, the owner came out with a dessert plate for us.  It was flan and then he had written "Happy Anniversary" in whipped cream on the plate and added a chocolate sauce heart.  It was so sweet of him!  After dinner we went home for a bit, to wait for a bit before we left for the movie.  We went to the theater an hour early, which was a good thing because the movie we wanted to see was packed!!!!  OMG every seat was filled.  Luckily, everyone was really quiet for the movie.  I was worried since most of the people there were teenagers and I have had really bad experiences with teens and movie theaters.  We saw "The Devil Inside".  It was a pretty good movie.  It was done by the same guy who did "Paranormal Activity" and you could totally tell it was.  The beginning was pretty slow, building up back story and tension.  Then the action starts and it's like BAM! BAM! BAM! - one crazy/creepy thing after another.  It made me really anxious and I was totally on the edge of my seat.  And yes, I jumped a few times and grabbed Daniel's hand a few times.  I have to say, I was rather disappointed in the ending but I won't ruin that for any of you who want to see it.  After the movie, we came home and it took me a while to calm down before I could go to bed.  My stomach was in knots for hours.  LOL
So, needless to say I didn't get much done in my stitching.  Here is what my 6th project is:

It's called "Welcome Friends" by Sunset.  I think it's going to look really pretty when I'm done.  Here is the little bit of progress I made:

Not much, that's for sure.  This pattern has a lot of color blends, which I love to do.  I can't wait to work more on this one!
Well, I'm off and running!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Monday I start school, so I'm pretty nervous about that.  Ack!
Bree )O(

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 5 - Crazy Challenge

Good Morning everyone!
It's Friday - yay!  I've been looking forward to today for a while.  It's my anniversary with Daniel today.  Today, 2 years ago we agreed to be together.  It's funny because I've been posting that it is our 3rd year anniversary but it's actually our 2nd year together.  The confusion comes from the fact that we met November of 2009 but we didn't officially start seeing each other until January 2010 and then we moved in together in February 2010.  LOL  I feel like such a dork for getting that wrong.  Anyway, we're going out tonight and I can't wait!
My stupid body doesn't want to cooperate though.  I started my period Monday and I was thinking it was going to end last night or today.  But noooooo.  I woke up this morning bleeding even heavier.  Ugh I hate my cycle.  It is so irregular.  Last month I bled 3 times in the month!  I can't wait till I can get insurance and see a doctor.  Well, enough about that...  LOL  I'm sure you don't want to hear about it. 
Yesterday I did get stitching done on my 5th project.  I chose to work on the Summer Cat Sampler.  Here's what it looks like:
And here is the progress so far:

You may have noticed that this is the 2nd one in this series that I'm stitching.  I do have all of the seasons.  I think I have all but one in my rotation.  I have to say, this pattern is kind of difficult to stitch.  There are so many color changes!  You stitch one color for 1-2 stitches and then switch to another color.  However, I know that the finishes project is going to look amazing.  I can't wait!  
I have pulled out my project for today which I will work on a little later.  I am going to relax a little right now and play some Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I want to get some time in on my game because I haven't really been able to play it for the last few days due to updates and servers being down.  
Have a wonderful day everyone.
Bree )O(

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4 - Crazy Challenge

Well, I didn't get a post up last night.  It was sort of a busy/long day yesterday and I was too dang lazy to post one last night.  So I'll be doing 2 posts today.
Yesterday I started on the 4th project.  I am stitching on Good Fortune.  Here's what it looks like:

I think it'll be a pretty easy and quick stitch up.  I needed a small one thrown in with all these big projects.  LOL  Here is what I got done for the day:
I would have gotten even more done but we had to take Kenny for his vet visit.  They were so busy yesterday!  We had to wait over an hour to see the vet.  The assistants were super nice though.  They kept coming in and checking up on us and playing with Kenny.  You would've thought he was a celebrity in there!  All the girls were kissing and hugging and petting him.  He was just overjoyed with all the attention.  One of the assistants even took him for a walk around the building to show him off.  LOL  It was funny.  Kenny is such a friendly, happy dog.  It's nice to take him out and let him socialize.  The vet was really amazed at how well socialized he is.  When people first see that we have a Rottweiler, they get nervous and think that he's a big, mean dog.  Then Kenny runs up to them and licks them to death. I'm always saying, "Watch out!  He might lick you to death!!"  LOL  Kenny weighs 32 lbs now at 16 weeks.  He is going to be such a big dog.  We picked him up a new collar, leash and leader.  He got his last Parvo shot yesterday so we can start taking him for walks soon.  Also he got his rabies shot so we got the tag for that.  We picked up a tag for his collar that has his name and our number on it.  I can't wait to start taking walks with him.  I want him trained on how to walk with me before he gets much bigger and I can't handle him.  Saturday Kenny has an appointment at the groomers.  He needs a bath and we have a hard time doing it ourselves.  Plus, everyone needs a little beauty salon pampering once in a while, right?  LOL
Tomorrow is mine and Daniel's 3rd year anniversary.  We're doing the dinner and movie thing.  I can't wait!  We haven't really been on a date for a while and I'm looking forward to it.  The kids are kind of upset that we're going to the movies and they're not.  We're going to see The Devil Inside and I just don't think the boys should see that yet.  Scott tends to get scared at the littlest things in movies because he always thinks they are real.  Remember that movie 2012?  Scott still has nightmares about it. 
Anyway, time to go pull out and start on today's project.  Have a fabulous day people.  And remember, if you can't love yourself then how the hell you gonna love someone else?!  (I love Ru Paul!)
Bree )O(

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 - Crazy Cross Stitching Challenge

Evening everyone!  The post tonight is going to be brief as I'm not feeling well.  I caught a chest cold and not very energetic.  Spent most of the day on the couch trying to breathe.  Ugh.  So I got some stitching done.  This is the 3rd project I am working on.  It is called Winter Cat Sampler:

I've always wanted to do this series.  I think they're cute!  So here is my progress thus far:
I can see that this one is going to be a little tougher than anticipated.  There are a lot of colors and tons of color changes.  But, at least it won't get tedious to stitch!  LOL
Tomorrow the kids start back at school - FINALLY.  So maybe I can get some peace and quiet.  Seriously, all they have done is fight all winter break.  I think we all need a break from one another.  LMAO
Tomorrow we will also be taking Kenny to his check up.  He will be getting his last Parvo shot tomorrow so after tomorrow we can start taking him for walks!  Yay for me getting out and getting exercise.  Of course it'll start snowing now that I said that.  LOL
Anyway, I'm off to drink more tea and relax. 
Nitey Nite friends!
Bree  )O(

Monday, January 2, 2012

Crazy Cross Stitching Challenge Day 2

Today's been a pretty easy day.  Did a few loads of laundry, did some grocery shopping, picked up the living room.  The rest of the day I stitched and watched TV.  Daniel finally hung the bronze plaques that I got from Sacred Source on the wall by my desk.  Here's what it looks like:

My camera was acting up, so unfortunately when I took a picture without a flash the picture came out blurry and with a flash the pieces have that green tint to it.  You don't really see the green in real life.  LOL
I started my 2nd project today for the 2012 Crazy Challenge.  Today I was working on Oriental Fan.  Here is what it looks like:

And here is my WIP for the day:

I'm really going to like working this project.  It's a beautiful design.  I might give it to my boyfriend's step-mom Sharlet.  I'm not sure yet.  I might just keep it for myself.  LOL  We'll see!
Anyway, I'm off to play some Star Wars: The Old Republic and relax.  Have a good night!
Bree )O(

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well, Looky Here!

Look what the cat dragged in.  LOL  Good golly it's been a while since I've updated this, no?  Well I don't really have time right now to get into all that has been going on in my life.  I mainly started this blog back up to keep track of the 2012 Crazy Cross Stitch Challenge I'm doing.  I'm in a Yahoo group called TheStitcherhood, run by my good friend Mary.  She came up with this CRRRAAZZZYYY challenge and I just had to run and sign up for it.  Basically, you pick 15 (or however many) projects and every day you work on a different one.  Today was the first day so I chose The Mighty Samurai to start. 
I stitched a good part of the day on it so I think I did pretty well.  Seeing as I haven't been stitching much this last year, it feels good to get back into it.  Anyway, here's the pic:
I can't wait to stitch on the next project.  It's pretty exciting working on different projects.  It's almost like a surprise every day.  LOL

Daniel and the boys and I went to his Dad's house for dinner tonight.  His step-mom and sister made us a delicious Japanese dinner.  Sushi, tempura, New Year's soup and rice and lots of other stuff that I didn't know the name of but it was all delicious!  The rest of the family was there too - all of Sharlet's kids and their families.  Always so loud and fun!  But I was certainly happy to escape the noise when we left.  LOL

I did make resolutions this year for the New Year.  Here's what I came up with:

1.  More family time - quality time with the kids mostly.
2.  Learn 12 new recipes (which goes hand-in-hand with:)
3.  Cook more healthy meals
4.  Make a conscious effort to eat less sugar and carbs.
5.  Lose 50 more lbs.
6.  More exercise (walking for now).
7. Have at least 8 cross-stitch finishes.
8.  More ME time!

I think that's a pretty decent list.  I look forward to this year and look forward to starting school in 8 days.  Also, Daniel and I will be celebrating our 3rd year on the 6th.  WooT!  We're going to dinner and a movie.  Going to see The Devil Inside.  Looks scary!  I can't wait...
Well, I think that's all for now.
Take care and remember to love one another.
Blessed Be!
)O(  Bree

Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally...An Update!

Well, it might not be much of one but at least it is an update!  LOL
Sorry I have been remiss in keeping this up to date.  The Wednesday after Thanksgiving I went to the ER because I was having severe stomach pains that started Thanksgiving night.  At first I had thought the pains were indigestion or something from having eaten too much!  Then after almost a week I figured it had to be something more serious.  Well, as many of you know, at the time I didn't think I had any insurance so figured my best bet was to carry my ass to the ER over at St. Petersburg General Hospital.  My friend Crystal went with me, I had borrowed her mom's car.  So I get in there and after a bit the doctor on call tells me he thinks it might be my gall bladder.  So they had someone come in and give me an ultrasound.  That was fun - brought back baby memories!  LOL  After what seemed like a billion hours later, the doctor comes in and says that yes, it's my gall bladder and that they are going to admit me and do surgery to remove it.  Ack!  I immediately freaked out!  I've never had surgery before.  The good news was that the lady who took my information to admit me came in and said that my medicaid was active so everything would be covered.  Hooray!!  So right around that time Crystal had to leave.  Mark and Linda came to get her and the car.  I said goodbye and they wheeled me into a room in the hospital.  I was so nervous and scared but they kept pumping me with morphine so I also kept drifting off into sleep.  LOL  I stayed in that room for about 8 hours and then they told me that the rooms were all full and they were going to transfer me up to the Labor and Delivery floor because I was a young female.  I was pretty darn happy about that because I have had 2 out of 3 of my children in this hospital and knew that the Labor and Delivery nurses were awesome!!
So, I was scheduled to have surgery that day but they delayed it because apparently the ER was packed and they were having to do emergency surgeries left and right.  So, I patiently waited my turn.  Thursday night comes and the nurse tells me they are scheduling my surgery for that night.  She said to be ready by 8:30pm because they were taking me at 9 to go into surgery.  So I get ready and I call everyone and let them know.  9pm comes and she comes in and says that they have rescheduled it again.  Arrrg!  The next day the surgeon comes in and apologizes for not doing the surgery the night before but he didn't want to work that late.  What??  LOL  Poor thing.  So he says he swears that he will do the surgery the following day and that I am his first surgery on the board.  OK so I patiently wait (with the help of morphine and wonderfully attentive nurses) for the next day.  Let me add in here that when the surgeon canceled my 9pm surgery I literally burst into tears because it had been over 48 hours since I'd last eaten and I was hungry and thirsty and so scared.  The nurse who broke the news to me felt so bad and she brought me all sorts of snacks and drinks.  LOL I love the L&D nurses!
So, the next day comes and I get all ready to go.  They get a new IV in (the other one had stopped and collapsed - OUCH) and wheel me down to the pre-OR.  They got me on all the monitors and there are nurses prepping me and talking to me and I'm freaking the hell out.  My pulse was going crazy!  LOL  I was so scared and they had me waiting for eternity because apparently the surgeon had been called to Bayfront Hospital on an emergency.  I'm thinking, "OMG if they reschedule again I'm gonna go postal!!!" but finally they push me into the OR!!  They have me get on the operating table and the anesthesiologist tells me he's going to give me something to relax and bingo-bango, I'm out within a minute!  I wake up a few hours later in the recovery area and they wheel me to my room.  The next thing I remember is the nurse asking me how I was feeling and that she was going to go get me something for the pain.  The first pain I felt was my shoulder.  OMG was that pain intense!!  Apparently they'd had my arm in such a way that it had made my shoulder kink or something.  After that pain the abdomen pain from the surgery hit.  I couldn't move, I was thirsty and in lots of pain and I swear the nurse took a hundred years to get back.  I was moaning and begging for help.  Couldn't reach the call button and the phone kept ringing and I couldn't reach that either.  Finally, I passed out and got woken up a bit later by the nurses pumping my IV with morphine.  Sweet, blissful sleep...
After that I was stuck in the hospital until the following Monday.  They kept saying they were keeping me another day because they wanted to make sure my blood sugar was under control.  In a way it irritated me because I missed my kids and Daniel and wanted to be with them.  At the same time I was being well cared for by my nurses and was enjoying my vacation.  LOL They finally released me Monday evening.  Linda picked me up after she picked Scott up from school.  We drove to CVS to fill my 12 prescriptions and then home!  I spent a few days in a pain-pill stupor, sleeping and barely doing anything but recovering.  Every day is better and better for me.  The incisions are healing nicely.  I'm off the pain pills.  Barely any pain any more.  I'm back up and able to move with ease.  My sugar levels are starting to get back to normal levels.  Just taking it easy still. 

I have been stitching some on the Faerie name piece that I'm doing for Alyssa (Crystal's daughter).  I will upload a picture to show my progress here.  I'm really excited doing this piece.  It's cute!  It is also a really quick stitch.  I am positive Alyssa and Crystal will love it.
Well, in case I don't get back to posting before - Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule and a Happy New Year to ALL!!  May this next year be blessed with good health, peace and happiness.  Much love to my friends and family for all their support during this past year.  **Hugs**